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My Personal Freedom.


YES, I have studied and analysed many painters and sculptors during my visits to museums and exhibitions.

YES, I have taken the courses at the art academy very seriously.

BUT, based on this knowledge and these skills, I developed my personal insights, concepts and methods.

My preference trends toward non-figurative (abstract) art in which I explore texture, shape, transparency, balance and colour harmony. More recently and in order to better achieve my goals, the line and the figure have returned in my artwork.

During the realization of each artwork, I open myself for a connection, a communication with the material. Although there is always a preliminary research, preparation and plan, I take the initial steps quite intuitively. In a later stage, the artwork will guide me for the next phases in the creative process.


Patrick Steens is a Belgian visual artist who lives and works near Brussels. Passionate about artistic expression, Patrick started a formal art education at a later age, earning his degree in “Monumental Art”.


Now a professional artist, he mainly focuses on sculpture and painting. Patrick’s body of work grows at a constant pace, further developing his unique style.

His main themes are the relation human being/ city / nature and the aspects of time/ age.