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"BODY & SOUL" - my next show in Brussels

An encounter on the border of figurative and abstract art.

"4 artists, 4 visions, 4 personal styles

with a strong connection in the approach to the theme"

Works by Isabelle Van Brussel, grietgriet, Vanessa Van Meerhaeghe and Patrick Steens.

From 5 to 27 November 2022


Rue Haute 203

1000 Brussels

Open from Wednesday to Sunday included, from 11h to 18h

I had an idea for a group show started looking for a suitable venue and for other artists to join me in this adventure. Three female painters responded positively to my invitation and we found ourselves at the same communication and aspiration levels.

Saturday 5th of November 2022 we open the doors of the Hôte Gallery in Brussels to show our recent work to the audience. We truely hope to meet you before the end of the expo on Sunday 27 November.

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