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My artwork is part of the online exhibition " A lot can happen in a year!".

d l a l c concepts, the art gallery that represents me in Florida/ USA has set up a virtual exhibition about the COVID 19 events in 2020. Each artist was asked to present an artwork that was created in reference to the impact on their artistic life.

I presented one of my 2020 works with the following motivation:

"Spring and Summer 2020 were very strange periods. Due COVID 19 confinement and all related measures it felt as living on another planet. While circumstances were odd and depressive at moments, the weather during this entire period was bright, sunny and record breaking for our regions. This painting refers to the colors of summer, with a happy and sunny atmosphere. An invitation to forget our worries and enjoy these moments."

My artwork "Meanwhile, on Planet Summer..." was selected and is now figured in this beautiful online presentation.

Have a look at the following links and spot my work in the Solo Gallery:

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