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THE OBSERVER - a new series of small works

All my life I have been a hiker, biker and runner, always in search of quiet trails and natural beauty. Over time however, from an enthusiastic observer I have turned into a concerned one. Humans and nature are often in conflict, resulting in destruction, reduction and mismanagement of the natural diversity.

This series “The Observer” is composed of six colorful paintings (size 30 x 30cm) and six sculptures (height 30cm), in which the figure of the observer is placed in contrast to elements of nature. Showing perfectly the way my artwork is evolving, the formats are kept small in order to remain affordable for a large public.

“As an artist, I request more respect and care for nature so that we do not compromise our own environment and future. I see this series as the start of a bigger conceptual step in my artistic development, leading to monumental paintings and sculptures for the public space.”

The artwork is released to my audience on Saturday 27 November 2021 via my social media accounts, via my newsletter and via my website. This special offer is valid until 15 December 2021.

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