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Why the line and figure have returned in my work...

Since quite some time I have been experimenting with abstract art and trying to work on texture, transparency, fluidity and shapes. Although this was en still is a very liberating and satisfying experience, I felt somewhat limited for proper elaboration of my main themes.

I study nature and more particularly the relation between the human being, the city (man made environment) and nature as found on our dear planet Earth. Without line and figure, I felt that my message could not be fully transmitted and understood without referential context.

The same for my other theme: time and especially age. The artist can work on the surface of the material so that it shows old, worn or exposed over a long period. However, when it comes to effects of time on human beings (= age), it seems more efficient to bring the human figure or at least the suggestion thereof into the artwork...

My newest artwork "Biosphere" - acrylics on wooden panel - format 100 x 100 x 3cm

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